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Book Discussion Kits

Start a Book Discussion Group

Learning is essential. You can increase the intellectual capital within your workplace and provide a training opportunity at no cost through workplace book discussion groups.

State Library Book Discussion Kits for State Employees

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Workplace Book Discussions Provide:

  • No-cost, self-directed learning
  • An opportunity to discuss ideas and make connections
  • Professional development and encourage creative thinking
  • A learning community in your workplace

  • Suggestions for getting started:

  • Get permission from you supervisor to start a book discussion group
  • Choose a coordinator who will schedule discussions and send email reminders to participants
  • Plan to meet every 3 – 6 weeks
  • Rotate facilitation (or co-facilitation) duties
  • Discuss one or two chapters at each meeting
  • Look for ways to apply concepts from the book to your work experience

  • Online resources:

  • Guide for starting a workplace book group
  • Once Upon an HRD Book Club (Requires Patron Login).
  • Suggestions for organizing a successful book discussion group.
  • Discussion guides for book groups
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