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Special Elections

1913 -Present

Primary Elections

1910 - 2002 Marion County

2004 - present, All Counties

General Elections

1904 - present, Marion County only

Project Scope

The Government Information and Library Services division of the Oregon State Library, as a part of its mission to make government information available to the citizens of Oregon, has digitized a historical run of Oregon voters' pamphlets. Initially the project covers pamphlets issued for Marion County. Additional counties may be included at a further date as resources allow.

Digital and paper copies of the voters' pamphlets are a permanent part of the Oregon State Library's Oregon Documents Collection.

Voters' Pamphlet History

The Oregon voters' pamphlet was first published by the Secretary of State in 1904. The first pamphlets were issued to disseminate the text of measures to be voted on by the people of Oregon (General Laws, 1903, p. 248). Starting in 1910, the legislature ordered that information about state level candidates running for office also be included (General Laws, 1909, chap. 3) Oregon became one of the first states to provide for the printing and distribution of such a publication.

One copy of the voters' pamphlet is mailed to every household in the state preceding every primary and general election, and special elections involving state measures or candidates for state office. County clerks may include local election information with the state voters' pamphlets or issue their own local voters' pamphlets. Separately published local voters' pamphlets are not included in this project.

Information in the Voters' Pamphlets

Voters' pamphlets are a rich source of historical information including:

  • The full text of all measures voted on by the people
  • Explanatory statements and arguments for and against measures
  • Statements, biographical information and portraits of candidates running for state office
  • Statements for and against candidates running for office.
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    For questions about the Oregon Voters' Pamphlets, contact Dave Hegeman via email or call 503-378-5006.

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