Request your own email list

1. State agency: *
2. Your name: *
3. Your email address: *
4. Phone number:
5. # of subscribers: *
This is an approximate number when your list is up and running. We ask that the list will ultimately have 15 or more subscribers.
6. Listname: *
Use a short, descriptive name. This name will be the first part of your list address, appended to Use upper or lower case. No special characters (such as @#$%&^ or *), periods, spaces, commas, or slashes. Underscores and hyphens are allowed.
7. Description: *
This information will be sent automatically to subscribers and will provide useful information about the scope and use of the list. It will also appear on the list web site. Additionally, if you are restricting sending privileges to specific individuals (see #10), please indicate here something like: "This list is for announcements from approved senders. All subscribers will receive mail, but some may not be approved to post."
8. Listowner: *
Listowner email address. The list owner(s) can subscribe and unsubscribe addresses and do general list maintenance. List owners must also be subscribed to the list. Designate the primary list administrator here. You may add additional list owners in the administrative interface after your list is set up.
9. Subscribing: * Open Closed
Open allows anyone to subscribe themselves, closed requires list owner approval.
10. Sending: * Open Restricted
Open allows all subscribers to send and receive, restricted allows only specified subscribers to send but all will receive and can reply only to the sender.
11. Primary sender:
If restricted in #10, provide the email of the individual who will be the primary sender. You can add additional senders in the administrative interface after your list is set up. If your list is open for all subscribers to send, do not include anything in this item.
12. Subscribers: We will subscribe the designated primary list owner to the list. It is your responsibility to add other subscribers. Subscribers have two ways to subscribe themselves. You can send the list subscription request email address to potential subscribers and invite them to subscribe, or you can send the address of the list information web site, where they can subscribe as well. As a list owner, you can add from one to thousands of subscribers via the administrative web page after the list is set up. Utilizing the administrative interface, you can also invite potential subscribers to subscribe rather than actually subscribing them.
13. Notes:
You may include any special requests or clarifying information that is not included in the fields above.