Oregon State Employee Information Center

A service of the Oregon State Library

Terms of Service

State Employee Information Center Terms of Service


Recipients of Government Information Services acknowledge:


That they meet the eligibility requirements of  OAR 543-010-0021.

That resources and services provided by the State Library are intended for purposes pertaining to the conduct of state business.

That State Library staff may request clarification to determine appropriate use of State Library resources and services.

That materials furnished by the State Library may be protected by copyright law Title 17 U.S. Code.

That loss or damage to library materials is the responsibility of the patron and/or agency to reimburse.

That state agencies may request usage information and therefore state agency patrons do not have the expectation of privacy.

That they shall adhere to ORS 244.040, Prohibited use of official position or office; exceptions; other prohibited actions.

That they will occasionally receive emails relating to:


- Training opportunities and special events

- Notifications of service changes or problems

- Surveys about State Employee Information Center services