State Employee Library Terms of Service

Recipients of Government Information Services acknowledge that:

  • They meet the eligibility requirements of  OAR 543-010-0021:
    • State officials, including legislators;
    • State employees;
    • Former statewide-elected government officials;
    • Contract employees and interns at the request of the state agency.
  • Resources and services provided by the State Library are intended for purposes pertaining to the conduct of state business.
  • State Library staff may request clarification to determine appropriate use of State Library resources and services.
  • Materials furnished by the State Library may be protected by copyright law Title 17 U.S. Code.
  • Loss or damage to library materials is the responsibility of the patron and/or agency to reimburse.
  • State agencies may request usage information and therefore state agency patrons do not have the expectation of privacy.
  • They shall adhere to ORS 244.040, Prohibited use of official position or office; exceptions; other prohibited actions.
  • They will occasionally receive emails relating to:
    • Training opportunities and special events
    • Notifications of service changes or problems
    • Surveys about Library services