New Titles in the Oregon Documents Repository

Electronic documents processed during November 2006

OR Com/2.8W63WIA Title II accountability policies and procedures manual
Oregon. Dept. of Community Colleges and Workforce Development [more info] (OCLC: 76807220)
OR Con/Oc1.5L46:2006/SpanishEl plomo y el envenenamiento por plomo
Oregon. Occupational Safety and Health Division [more info] (OCLC: 75538513)
OR Con/Oc1.8F19/8/RussianZashchita ot padeniia varianty dlia spetsializirovannykh podriadchikov
Oregon. Occupational Safety and Health Division [more info] (OCLC: 76814687)
OR Con/Oc1.8F19/8/SpanishProteccion contra caidas : opciones para contratistas especializados
Oregon. Occupational Safety and Health Division [more info] (OCLC: 75537918)
OR Con/W89.2P422005-2006 HB 2408 permanent partial disability study
Oregon. Workers' Compensation Division [more info] (OCLC: 76699692)
OR Ene.8So4/2:2006Oregon solar electric guide : independent and utility-connected homes
Oregon. Department of Energy [more info] (OCLC: 76831165)
OR FW.2Aq3Aquatic habitat in Oregon coastal streams : winter, 1999-2001 / Jennifer Bock ... [et al
Oregon. Department of Fish and Wildlife [more info] (OCLC: 75519588)
OR FW/F52.4In3:2006-03Use of ELISA for monitoring bacterial kidney disease in naturally spawning chinook salmon / Glenda O'Connor and Timothy L. Hoffnagle
Oregon. Department of Fish and Wildlife [more info] (OCLC: 76832607)
OR HEO/Ex8.4C49:1151/2006Taxes and assessments on Oregon forestland and timber / N. Elwood, N. Miller, C. Landgren
Oregon State University. Extension Service [more info] (OCLC: 74901918)
OR HEO/Ex8.4P1:0588Nightshade : biology and control in the Pacific Northwest / by Timothy W. Miller and Robert Parker
Washington State University. Cooperative Extension [more info] (OCLC: 75556689)
OR HR.5C83/4/SpanishCubrete al toser : cubrete la boca y la nariz con un panuelo o toalla de papel cuando tosas o estornudes, o cubrete con la parte superior del brazo cuando tosas o estornudes, no con las manos
Oregon. Department of Human Services [more info] (OCLC: 76831250)
OR HR.8C61/2Forecast
Oregon. Department of Human Services. Client Caseload Forecasting [more info] (OCLC: 67615971)
OR HR/H34c.2C44Chiropractic in Oregon
Oregon. State Board of Chiropractic Examiners [more info] (OCLC: 76814730)
OR J.2Y8/3/RussianEto vash dolg pered rebenkom : informatsiia dlia materei i ottsov ob ustanovlenii ottsovstva
Oregon. Department of Justice. Division of Child Support [more info] (OCLC: 75405477)
OR L/R32/4.4R31:2006-7Student weights : individualized education program
Oregon. Legislative Assembly. Legislative Revenue Office [more info] (OCLC: 76814788)
OR Li.8T77:2005Handbook for trustees of Oregon public libraries / by Ruthanne Lidman
Oregon State Library [more info] (OCLC: 63263592)
OR P.3B38Beaver tracks
Oregon. State Parks and Recreation Department [more info] (OCLC: 76180425)
OR T.2T68/6Oregon's statewide transportation improvement program : a citizen's primer
Oregon. Department of Transportation [more info] (OCLC: 76831385)
OR T.5C43Children deserve safe routes to school and communities are making it happen in Oregon
Oregon. Dept. of Transportation [more info] (OCLC: 76700029)
OR T.5C43:2006Children deserve safe routes to school and communities are making it happen in Oregon
Oregon. Department of Transportation [more info] (OCLC: 182631778)
OR T/H53.8H99:2005Hydraulics manual / prepared by Engineering and Asset Management Unit, Geo-Environmental Section
Oregon. State Highway Division [more info] (OCLC: 74836352)
OR T/T67.5SL/SpanishSalve vidas : disminuya la velocidad en zonas escolares
Oregon. Department of Transportation. Transportation Safety Division [more info] (OCLC: 75428403)
OR Y/C43/7.2H34Healthy start 2004-2005 maltreatment report / Beth L. Green ... [et al
Oregon Commission on Children and Families [more info] (OCLC: 75553853)
OR Y/P96/2.3P96Oregon revised statutes : Oregon Public Employees Retirement System
[more info] (OCLC: 76180591)