New Titles in the Oregon Documents Repository

Electronic documents processed during March 2008

OR A/P69.5G35:2008Giant hogweed, heracleum mantegazzianum : toxic plant alert
Oregon. Noxious Weed Control Program [more info] (OCLC: 212881228)
OR Con.5St2:2008Statewide contract for consultant and facilitator services for regulatory streamlining and customer service improvement
Oregon. Office of Regulatory Streamlining [more info] (OCLC: 212893475)
OR Con/F49.3M84Mortgage regulation news
Oregon. Division of Finance and Corporate Securities [more info] (OCLC: 214285269)
OR Con/F49.5P94/2:2008/SpanishProteccion de su informacion personal
Oregon. Division of Finance and Corporate Securities [more info] (OCLC: 212882386)
OR Con/Oc1.5R44:2008/SpanishUsted tiene derecho a un lugar de trabajo seguro y saludable : es la ley
Oregon. Occupational Safety and Health Division [more info] (OCLC: 213442693)
OR FW/F52.4P94:B64/3Borax Lake chub investigations
Oregon. Fish Division [more info] (OCLC: 213444102)
OR FW/F52.4P94:H97Hutton Spring tui chub and Foskett Spring speckled dace investigations
Oregon. Fish Division [more info] (OCLC: 213452293)
OR HEO/Ex8.4P1:437/2007Herbicide-resistant weeds and their management / [authors, Carol Mallory-Smith ... et al
University of Idaho. Cooperative Extension System [more info] (OCLC: 212926114)
OR HR.1/5Annual report
[more info] (OCLC: 214287628)
OR R.4In3:150-101-608-5:2007/SpanishRequisitos para mantener sus archivos
Oregon. Department of Revenue [more info] (OCLC: 213451787)
OR R.4In3:150-101-693-5:2007/SpanishDerechos de apelacion para deficiencias basadas en reportes de auditoria federal o de otros estados
Oregon. Department of Revenue [more info] (OCLC: 213442479)
OR T.2D49/2:2008/final/CDRDevelopment of truck axle spectra from Oregon weigh-in-motion data for use in pavement design and analysis
Oregon. Department of Transportation. Research Unit [more info] (OCLC: 213472476)
OR T.2H53/9:2007/supp.Highway 199 expressway upgrade : supplemental environmental assessment
Oregon. Department of Transportation [more info] (OCLC: 213443621)
OR T.2T68/3:2007/ex.sum.Oregon transportation plan, adopted September 20, 2006 : executive summary
Oregon. Department of Transportation. Planning Section [more info] (OCLC: 212921085)
OR T.2W85:2006/rev.Woodburn Interchange revised environmental assessment : Interstate 5 (Pacific Highway) @ Oregon 214/219
Oregon. Department of Transportation [more info] (OCLC: 214424855)
OR T.2W85:2006/rev/CDRWoodburn Interchange Project revised environmental assessment
Oregon. Department of Transportation [more info] (OCLC: 214422397)
OR T/T68.2T68:2006/Amend.12006 amendment one : Oregon transportation safety action plan : an element of the Oregon transportation plan
Oregon. Department of Transportation. Transportation Safety Division [more info] (OCLC: 214284579)
OR Y/M33.5B63/3:2007I just bought a boat--now what
Oregon. State Marine Board [more info] (OCLC: 214398761)