New Titles in the Oregon Documents Repository

Electronic documents processed during October 2008

OR A.8Sh4:20072007 ODA shellfish dealers approved to buy from growers/harvesters
Oregon. State Dept. of Agriculture [more info] (OCLC: 261161328)
OR A/P69.5Af8:2008African rue (Peganum harmala
Oregon. Noxious Weed Control Program [more info] (OCLC: 264852372)
OR Ad/C76.2St2/2:20072007-2008 business plan
[more info] (OCLC: 261128712)
OR Com/2.2B85:2007Oregon community colleges budget picture, 2007-2009
Oregon. Dept. of Community Colleges and Workforce Development [more info] (OCLC: 262557776)
OR Com/2.8C73/2:2007Oregon community college viewbook
Oregon. Dept. of Community Colleges and Workforce Development [more info] (OCLC: 262557327)
OR Con/B86.5R43:2008Ride safely : elevator and escalator safety tips
Oregon. Building Codes Division [more info] (OCLC: 263692947)
OR Con/W89 .5In1:2008-2Important information about independent medical exams for injured workers
Oregon. Workers' Compensation Division [more info] (OCLC: 263706237)
OR E.2Ef4:2006Efficiency study of the Oregon system of education service districts
Oregon. Department of Education [more info] (OCLC: 262556780)
OR E.2Su7:2006Better supports for better Oregon schools
Oregon. Department of Education [more info] (OCLC: 262556803)
OR Em.2St8:20072007-2009 strategic plan
WorkSource Oregon [more info] (OCLC: 260869357)
OR Ene.5B96/2:2008Oregon business energy tax credit
Oregon. Department of Energy [more info] (OCLC: 263711757)
OR HEO/Ex8.4P1:103/2008Scotch broom : biology and management in the Pacific Northwest : cytisus scoparius (L.) link. / A. Hulting ... [et al
Oregon State University. Extension Service [more info] (OCLC: 263692934)
OR HEO/Se1.4O1:H-08-005/2008Hold that thought : questioning five common assumptions about communicating with the public / Joe Cone
Oregon State University. Sea Grant College Program [more info] (OCLC: 263935193)
OR HEU.2Im6:[2008]Understanding the immigrant experience in Oregon : research, analysis, and recommendations from University of Oregon scholars / Robert Bussel, editor
University of Oregon [more info] (OCLC: 263869421)
OR HEU.2Im6:[2008]/SpanishLa experiencia de los inmigrantes de Oregon : estudios, analisis y recomendaciones de un grupo de investigadores de la Universidad de Oregon / Robert Bussel, compilador
University of Oregon [more info] (OCLC: 263871925)
OR HR/C43.5D65:2008Do you know someone who needs a little help buying food
Oregon. Department of Human Services. Children, Adults and Families [more info] (OCLC: 263692740)
OR HR/H34.5An8/3:[2008]Warning - unnecessary antibiotics can be harmful : talk with your doctor about antibiotic resistance
Oregon Alliance Working for Antibiotic Resistance Education [more info] (OCLC: 264791200)
OR HR/Se5/2.2Ad9:2008A guide to Oregon adult foster homes for potential residents, family members and friends
Oregon. Seniors and People with Disabilities [more info] (OCLC: 264082530)
OR HR/Se5/2.5Em7:2008Employed persons with disabilities program
Oregon. Seniors and People with Disabilities [more info] (OCLC: 263692942)
OR LC.8L66/4:2007OLCC's guide to liquor licensing in Oregon
Oregon Liquor Control Commission [more info] (OCLC: 259722618)
OR LC.8N73:2007Guidelines for nonprofit organizations and special events with alcohol
Oregon Liquor Control Commission [more info] (OCLC: 259722625)
OR LCD.2L52:2007Land use legislation report
Oregon. Dept. of Land Conservation and Development [more info] (OCLC: 262556821)
OR P.2C33/2:[2008]Centennial horizon : shaping the future of Oregon's parks, recreation, conservation and preservation
[more info] (OCLC: 264852475)
OR P.5T37:2008Thompson's Mills State Heritage Site
Oregon. State Parks and Recreation Department [more info] (OCLC: 263996620)
OR T.2C76/2:2007ConnectOregon II, 08/28/07 update
Oregon. Department of Transportation [more info] (OCLC: 261162170)
OR T.2F31:2007Federal fiscal year 2008 DBE goal
Oregon. Dept. of Transportation. Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program [more info] (OCLC: 261229289)
OR T.2In2/2:2007/finalIndiMark and behavior change results for the cities of Salem-Keizer, Eugene, and Bend, Oregon
Oregon. Department of Transportation [more info] (OCLC: 261229423)
OR T.4R31:09-02Capacity of aging bent caps
Oregon. Department of Transportation. Research Unit [more info] (OCLC: 264802255)
OR VA.5V64/4:2008How do I get my veteran recognition license plates
Oregon. Department of Veterans' Affairs [more info] (OCLC: 263692774)
OR Y/F76.5F76/5:[2007]Forestry in Oregon : talking points
Oregon Forest Resources Institute [more info] (OCLC: 264802331)
OR Y/H75.5En7:2008Ensuring quality in-home services for seniors and people with disabilities
Oregon Home Care Commission [more info] (OCLC: 264873474)
OR Y/H75.5R26:[2008]Registry and referral system
Oregon Home Care Commission [more info] (OCLC: 264741459)
OR Y/L23.2C76:[2007]Consumer information notice for landscape work
Oregon. State Landscape Contractors Board [more info] (OCLC: 262298714)