New Titles in the Oregon Documents Repository

Electronic documents processed during November 2008

OR A.2W66:2007Lower Willamette Agricultural Water Quality Management Area plan
Oregon. State Dept. of Agriculture [more info] (OCLC: 273977682)
OR Ad.2En8/2:20082007-2011 State of Oregon enterprise information resources management strategy
Oregon. Enterprise Information Strategy and Policy Division [more info] (OCLC: 271547753)
OR Con/F49.5F76 :2008-2/SpanishEmbargo de inmuebles (ejecucion hipotecaria) : usted puede evitarlo
Oregon. Division of Finance and Corporate Securities [more info] (OCLC: 276604889)
OR Con/Oc1 .8L12:2008/SpanishEscaleras portatiles : como usarlas sin sufrir caidas
Oregon. Occupational Safety and Health Division [more info] (OCLC: 276604931)
OR HR.2M46/3:2007/draftOregon Health Plan Medicaid demonstration
Oregon Health Plan [more info] (OCLC: 270797288)
OR HR.2R11:2007Radon measurement companies in Oregon
Oregon. Radiation Protection Services [more info] (OCLC: 270775432)
OR HR/H34.2As8:[2007]Access to asthma education and resources among office staff and school nurses in Eastern Oregon
Oregon Asthma Program [more info] (OCLC: 273057094)
OR HR/H34.2B52:2007Biologically contaminated water supply
Foodborne Illness Prevention Program (Or.) [more info] (OCLC: 270789034)
OR HR/H34.2H64/2:2007HIV medical case management standards of service
HIV Care and Treatment Program (Or.) [more info] (OCLC: 273057065)
OR HR/H34.5An8/4:2008/SpanishLos antibioticos no sirve para todo! : los antibioticos como la penicilina no curan la gripe ni los resfriados
Oregon Alliance Working for Antibiotic Resistance Education [more info] (OCLC: 276619329)
OR HR/H34.5H85/2:[2008]What teens should know about HPV infection and prevention
Oregon Immunization Program [more info] (OCLC: 276620034)
OR HR/H34.5H85/2:[2008]/SpanishLo que todo adolescente debe saber acerca de la infeccion y prevencion del VPH
Oregon Immunization Program [more info] (OCLC: 276622916)
OR HR/H34.5H85:[2008]What parents should know about HPV infection and prevention
Oregon Immunization Program [more info] (OCLC: 276623789)
OR HR/H34.5H85:[2008]/SpanishLo que padres de familia deben saber sobre la infeccion y prevencion del VPH
Oregon Immunization Program [more info] (OCLC: 276626100)
OR HR/H34.7H79/2:Lane/2007Lane County injury hospitalizations, mechanism by intent, Oregon residents, [2001-2005
Oregon Injury Prevention and Epidemiology Program [more info] (OCLC: 276175694)
OR HR/H34.7H79:Lake/2007Number of injury hospitalizations, Lake County, 2001-2005
Oregon Injury Prevention and Epidemiology Program [more info] (OCLC: 275568893)
OR HR/M52h.3H79OSH recovery times
[more info] (OCLC: 270160674)
OR HR/M52h.3H79The no name news
[more info] (OCLC: 270161645)
OR LC.5P91:[2004]Pregnancy & alcohol do not mix
Oregon Liquor Control Commission [more info] (OCLC: 268677299)
OR S/Au2.3T64Oregon Tourism Commission : a semi-independent agency for the biennium ended
Oregon Tourism Commission [more info] (OCLC: 268785964)
OR T.2W89/4:2007/draftOregon Department of Transportation workforce development program
[more info] (OCLC: 274069878)
OR T.5W89/2:2007-2Work zone safety fact sheet & safety tips
Oregon. Dept. of Transportation [more info] (OCLC: 273990725)
OR T.8P94/3:2006Project scoping best practices guidebook
Oregon. Department of Transportation. Project Delivery Unit [more info] (OCLC: 274069848)
OR Y/M46.3B62Oregon Medical Board report
Oregon Medical Board [more info] (OCLC: 269782441)