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Editing MARC records from the Oregon Documents Repository
Before loading these records, you will need to modify them to accomodate local practices as well as the needs of your catalog. The following instructions are not meant to be comprehensive, but they explain how to delete, add, and modify fields that are present in these records.

You need a utility that allows you to modify MARC records. MarcEdit is ideal for this purpose and can be downloaded from http://marcedit.reeset.net/

  1. Download the records
  2. Start MarcEdit. From the main screen, choose MarcBreaker

  3. Specify the file you downloaded as the input file, and choose an appropriate name for a text file that will allow you to edit the records. Then press the Execute button. When the conversion is complete, press the Edit button.


  4. To add or delete a field, go to the Tools -- Add/Delete Field menu.


  5. To add a field, specify which field you want and use the Add Field button. Don't forget the indicators. In the example below, a 949 invokes the regular bibliographic records load table at the Oregon State Library, applies a template named "ordocs," and sets the status of the incoming record to "-". Note that slashes are used to indicate blank indicators and the dollar sign ($) is used to indicate a subfield. If you have an Innovative Interfaces system, manual page 101514 explains the how to construct 949 commands. If you don't know which values to use to make records load the way you want, you will need to consult the administrator for your online system.

    To delete a field, just type the number of the field in the box on the left and hit the Delete Field button.


  6. Save the file and return to the main window
  7. This time, choose MarcMaker instead of MarcBreaker
  8. Convert the file with MarcMaker, and you now have a customized MARC record set that can be loaded into your catalog.


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