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Services: Email Lists

What is this service?

This service provides electronic mailing lists (distribution lists) to Oregon state government employees.

Examples of email list use:

  • Professional information sharing
  • Electronic newsletters for coworkers or customers
  • Interagency communication
  • Public announcements

Guidelines for use of lists:

  • Email lists must be initiated by a current Oregon state government employee or by a former statewide elected official.
  • Email lists must serve a governmental (official work-related) function.
  • A list must not be used for internal office communication and must include at least 15 participants. Exceptions can be made.

There are two types of email lists:

  • Open, public email lists - to locate lists that may be of interest and accept your participation, contact Oregon State library reference support at: library.help@state.or.us or call 503-378-8800
  • Closed, private email lists - lists set up for specific groups

How do I sign up?

Request an email list:

What will I receive?

Oregon State Library will set up and host your list. You will be sent instructions to access and set up your list preferences.

More specific information on email lists can be found below:

Contact information:

For more information about this service, contact: Jerry Curry, 503-378-5008

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