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A service of the Oregon State Library

Services: Order, Borrow, Renew

What is this service?

Get articles, books, videos, documents and reports.

The Document Delivery staff will handle your request to order, borrow, or renew an item.

Filling your Request(s) may take from a few hours to a week or more, depending on the source of the material.

How does it work?

When utilizing this service, you will be able to make requests, monitor the status of your requests, and modify your account information.

How to request an item

How do I sign up?

You must be a registered library user to order and borrow items from the library. You may register online or call 503-378-8800 for additional help.

Register Online: register to use library services
Phone: 503-378-8800

What will I receive?

Books and printed material are sent to your office via mail or state shuttle. You may return them to the library the same way. Articles are emailed or faxed to you.

Guidelines for Borrowing and renewing items

The library may find the items you need in its own collection or may borrow from another library. Borrowing policies will vary depending upon the lending library.

Oregon State Library borrowing & renewal guidelines:

  • Books, documents, printed material: 28 days borrow, renew for same period.
  • Videos: 2 weeks borrow, renew for same time period.
  • Journal articles: Copies of Journal articles will be emailed to you or faxed to your office. You do not need to return Journal articles you request.
  • Guidelines vary for special items such as rare books and high demand videos.

Borrowing from other libraries:

  • If the item you request is borrowed from another library, we will inform you of that library's borrowing guidelines.

Contact information:

For more information about this service, contact Document Delivery, 503-378-5022.

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