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DAS Training Materials

The training materials listed below were donated to the Oregon State Library by members of the Department of Administrative Services Training Division in the Winter of 2009/10. These materials may be checked out by any Oregon state agency patron or by contractors working for a State Agency. These materials are not actively being updated. For additional information, please call the State Library Reference Helpline: (503) 378-8800.  

Additional Collections 

Available Training Material:

Interpersonal Communication:
  • Participant Packet.
  • Participant Tool Kit
  • PowerPoint

  • Plain Language Plus:
  • PowerPoint
  • Participant Packet
  • The Respectful Workplace:
  • Participant Packet
  • Stress for Success:
  • Participant Packet
  • Time Management:
  • Participant Packet
  • PowerPoint
  • FISH! Customer Service:
  • Participant Packet
  • Video (available from the Oregon State Library catalog)
  • VisualsSpeak:
  • Image set and manual (available from the Oregon State Library Catalog)
  • You can stop harassment:
  • Video and manual (available from the Oregon State Library Catalog)
  • Effective Meetings :
  • Part 1 The Fundamentals: Participant Packet
  • Part 2: Facilitation Skills: Participant Packet
  • Consulting:
  • Participant Packet
  • Making Effective Presentations: A Refresher:
  • Participant Packet
  • Train the Trainer
  • PowerPoint
  • Participant Manual

  • Management Development Series

    Developmental: This course is intended to provide a head start for future managers and supervisors in state service. The purpose of the course is to help you assess your readiness for a management position and begin strengthening knowledge and skill areas that need attention. We want to help you get you off to the best start you possibly can!
  • Developmental Handbook .

  • Foundational: This class is for new supervisors and managers. It is also an excellent refresher for experienced managers. In this three day course, you will learn critical foundation skills for managing and supervision that can be applied immediately to your workplace
  • Foundational Workbook Part A .
  • Foundational Workbook Part B .

  • New to State: This one-day course provides seasoned managers the information and tools they need to transition their prior experience to the state government environment. Do you have all the right management tools but are not sure how best to use them in the public sector environment? This course is intended for experienced managers and supervisors new to Oregon State Government.
  • New to State Manual .

  • Midlevel: This course is designed to support the success of experienced supervisors and all mid level managers. It will cover four major topics critical for effective performance at the middle levels of management.
  • Midlevel Manual .

  • Also available to certified Situational Leadership trainers:A kit in a duffel bag with Situational Leadership “The Core” DVD-ROM version 3.0; Situational Leadership “The Core” Leader’s Guide version 3.0; Situational Leadership “The Core” Participant Workbook version 3.0 (Filled-in sample); Situational Leadership “The Core” DVD-ROM version 2.0; Situational Leadership “The Core” Leader’s Guide version. 2.0; Situational Simulator game; Situational Leadership cards; The Situational Leader by Paul Hersey (©1997); and, Management of Organizational Behavior: Leading Human Resources by Paul Hersey, Kenneth H. Blanchard, and Dewey E. Johnson (8th ed., ©2001). In addition to the items in the duffel bag, there are some Situational Leadership Wall Charts in a cardboard tube. To request these materials, call the reference helpline: (503)378-8800
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